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SSL Certificates

Reissue/Refund Policy

Reissue Policy

A reissue allows the same SSL certificate to be reissued. No details may change and no charge applies.

GeoTrust allows free reissues for all of its customers' secure SSL certificates. Customers can obtain a free reissue in one of the following scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: You are upgrading or changing your server software or operating platform
  • Scenario 2: You are changing hosting company or ISP
  • Scenario 3: If an existing private key has been lost, destroyed or otherwise inadvertently overwritten

Please note: this reissue policy does NOT apply if:

  • You change your domain name, OR
  • You receive the certificate but realize you do not need it after all.

In these instances, please consult the 7-day refund policy below.

Reissue Procedure

Reissuance requests can be handled on the Geotrust website. In most cases a new certificate is issued within minutes. To qualify for reissuance, all existing core certificate details must be the same. Core certificate details include domain name, company name and contacts.

Please be aware that the process for reissue for QuickSSL type certificates vs. True BusinessID type certificates will be slightly different.

To order a reissue of a QuickSSL Type Certificate, please visit: https://products.geotrust.com/geocenter/reissuance/reissue.do

You will be asked for three pieces of information:

  • The Server DNS Name which is the domain for which the cert was issued
  • Any of the email addressses that were used for the original certificate order (Billing, Admin, Tech or Approver)
  • You will also be asked to enter the security code displayed on screen

Once the completed information is received, a confirmation request will be sent to the tech contact on the certificate order.

Refund Policy

If the certificate does not work as intended and you need to cancel or refund, GeoTrust will cancel or refund fees following issuance or renewal of a True BusinessID, QuickSSL or QuickSSL Premium certificate upon request by the Subscriber within seven (7) days of issue date.

If your order is refunded under this policy, the certificate will be revoked and will no longer be usable as a secure server certificate.


  • Scenario 1: You are issued a certificate for the following host name: mail.domain.com. You realize that you wanted a different host name: secure.domain.com, and your request is within 7 days of the issue date.
  • Scenario 2: You are issued a certificate for mail.domain.com. You decide that you don't need the certificate after all, and your request is within 7 days of the issue date.

Refund Procedure

Refund requests will be handled through Geotrust support. They can be reached at 1-866-436-8787 (North America) or +1-678-366-8399 (International) or at support@geotrust.com. We are not involved with the refund process as it is Geotrust's policy that prevails. Please contact them directly.

After Geotrust confirm that the refund has been processed, notify us and we will either refund it to your account, or at your option request a replacement certificate. If you choose a refund, there will be a 15% processing fee unless we were directly at fault.

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